We're looking for a limitless learning network manager

Map of Limitless Washington State Partnerships locations: K-12 school districts and Higher education institutions

We are grateful to Education First, who helped successfully launch the Limitless Learning Network in November 2023.

  • Limitless connects practitioners with other teams of local K-12 and higher education partners across Washington state.
  • The Learning Network’s goal is to create space to share information, explore new ideas, and develop best practices together to help more students successfully transition from high school into a postsecondary program.

Now, we’re looking for a permanent Limitless Learning Network Manager.

  • The Gates Foundation’s strategy has always been to transition the management of Limitless to a permanent partner that can build on Education First’s successful launch.
  • The RFP is now open for a permanent Limitless Learning Network managing organization.

The new Learning Network Manager will maintain the structure that Education First established and add improvements as the needs of Limitless members evolve.

  • Once selected, the Learning Network Manager will receive a grant to lead this work.
  • We hope to see a diverse array of organizations with a strong presence in Washington state apply.
  • The grant is open to government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.
  • We’re looking for prior experience designing and running a learning network, holding in-person convenings and online learning opportunities, providing overall management of participating partnerships and technical assistance partners, and partnering with foundation staff.

Learn more and apply: We’re looking for a Limitless Learning Network Manager