What we do

Partnerships with communities, schools, and families drive our grantmaking approach.

We invest in local organizations who know their communities best.

Across the state, we work with local partners to help students see a clear path to success after high school.

Our goal is to unlock opportunities for students, families, and communities where support systems are stretched and resources are scarce. And we focus on the people and communities who face the highest barriers to opportunity—including Black, Latino, Indigenous, and low-income and rural communities.

Through it all, we work to bring schools, funders, and community-based organizations together and are committed to listening to students, parents, and educators to identify what’s working for them and where they need more support.

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Washington State Education
Nearly 90% of Washington’s high schoolers say they want to continue their education after graduation, but only 50% enroll in postsecondary programs today. We’re working with partners to change that.
Community Engagement
In the greater Seattle region, we provide flexible funding to strengthen local nonprofits and help them address emerging community needs, such as homelessness.
Charter Schools
We believe high-quality charter schools—which are free and open to all—are an important part of Washington’s public school system, giving families additional options to help meet the needs of all students.

Past projects

Read about some of the programs that we previously funded.