Who we are

We’re a team that lives in and loves Washington state.

We work every day to improve our local communities.

Our Washington state team has a saying: We do “heart things.” That is to say, we do hard things with heart—because we love this state.

For most of us, Washington has been home for decades. Others fell in love with the region and are now proud to call it home.

Communities in Washington state face tough issues, but we're united by our desire to deliver support today that can create meaningful change in the years to come.

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Our Story

Our roots in local grantmaking date back to 2000, when the Gates Foundation launched. While our focus has evolved over the years, our commitment to communities across Washington remains.

Our mission

Everyone should have access to the opportunities they need to design the future they want. That core belief drives our work in Washington state, where we invest at the local, regional, and state level. 

Our Team

We care deeply about Washington state, because it’s our home. We work, learn, and play here. Members of our team have worked in orchards in Central Washington, began their teaching careers in the Yakima Valley, launched new public schools in Spokane, served in local or statewide public service roles, and led nonprofit programs.

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